Some Hard Times | A Vintage Digital Scrapbook Collection


Some Hard Times Digital Scrapbook Collection by ADB Designs

Chances are if you are over 50 you grew up with parents who lived through the “Great Depression” and held on to some of those memories forever.

The dust bowl days in the southern prairies of the United States and the worldwide depression of the 1930s were hard times indeed. These were the days that my parents grew up. My father was 13 in 1930; my mother was 10; by the time World War II came to the United States, they were just barely adults. What a time to grow up!  And for my grandparents, what a challenging time to raise a family. For most of you, your parents or your grandparents experienced these hard times too.

I wanted to create a collection that I could use to tell the stories of my parents and grandparents. In my father’s family, that meant extreme poverty and “getting by”.  In my mother’s family, life was easier. Mom lived on a farm not touched by the severe drought and there was plenty of food to feed the family. But that did not mean there was an abundance of anything and money was tight.

As in any time, however, you could choose to find ways to have fun and look to the future.  My parents remembered fondly Saturday serial movies they attended; of theatre productions and summer concerts in the park they enjoyed. There were game nights and picnics and family reunions.

This collection is designed for Heritage layouts HOWEVER, it can also be used by scrappers for modern photos and traditional layouts, making it very versatile and a great collection for your stash.

Included in the Some Hard Times Bundle:
  • Some Hard Times Page Kit
  • Some Hard Times Blendables
  • Some Hard Times Flourishes
  • Some Hard Times Torn Edge Borders
  • Some Hard Times Page Borders
  • Some Hard Times Cardstock Solids
  • Some Hard Times Stacked Papers

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