War & Occasional Peace | A Heritage Digital Scrapbook Collection


War & Occasional Peace Digital Scrapbook Collection by ADB Designs

We often presume that World War I was the first time the world was at war, but the period from the beginning of the “Thirty Years War” in 1618 until the end of the Napoleonic Wars in 1815, or even as late as the American Civil War (1861-1865) and the January Uprising of 1863 would be good contenders for a World at War. AND given the short space until the start of WW I perhaps, the world has been at war much longer than we realize. This collection focuses on the time of war that I mentioned first: 1618 – 1815. These wars caused mass migrations, as well as sons, feeling conscription. You may want to consider in the research of your family tree, just how often war might have been the cause of ancestor movement.

War & Occasional Peace was the Heritage Scrappers Club selection for August 2019. Though designed with heritage scrappers in mind, this collection, like the others in this series was deliberately created so it may also be used successfully with contemporary photos and with photos that are off-topic as well.

Included in the War & Occasional Peace Bundle by ADB Designs

War & Occasional Peace was the Heritage Scrappers Club Mega in July 2019.  Each month, club members receive a complete Mega Collection PLUS some bonus products to help you scrap your genealogy story.  I call these Heritage Resources.  The products below are not included in the Mega Collection once it goes into my stores, but they are available individually.

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